Helen Tempest was wingwalker and operations director for AeroSuperBatics Ltd in the United Kingdom for 25 years.  She sent us photos of the team when it was sponsored by Utterly Butterly and sported yellow and blue colors.  She is currently marketing director for another aviation team in the United Kingdom.
The beautiful and very talented Sarah Tanner has taken on Helen's post of operations manger for the wingwalkers under a new sponsorship of the Guinot skin care specialists.
We wish all blue skies and tail winds.

The Guinot Team
The Utterly Butterly
Display Team

Helen Tempest
Mirror Formation
The flag.
Kirsty Joly
Wingwalker Lucy Foster, 2007
Aerobabes and guy reuinion in the U.K.
Silver Wings Portfolio and videos.
Marie Killerby
Wingwalker with the Utterly Butterly.

Marie and her husband, John, visited with the Margi and Hartley of the Silver Wings Wingwalking Team
in Chino California. 
Marie is a treasure chest of wingwalking stories.  The two wingwalkers shared their safety insights and experiences.  For Margi, " Even with the similarities found in wingwalking, we had unique approaches and different styles and equally difficult stunts."  A friendship uniting separate sides of the Atlantic was formed through mutual admiration and respect.
Marie's husband is now based in the U.S.A, and Margi  looks forward to wingwalking with Marie in the future.

Margi and Marie
December 2007.
Thanks to the many "aerobabes" that have contacted us and sent photos.
A very special thank you to Marie Killerby for visiting with us.
Wingwalker: Sarah Tanner