Books about Silver Wings Wingwalking for sale!
Dancing on Air with
Silver Wings
By Victor Archer
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Silver Wings Wingwalking portfolio
By Margaret G. Stivers
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This is a portfolio documenting a journey into the unusual world of wingwalking. It is a duet between pilot, Hartley Folstad, and wingwalker, Margaret Stivers.  Together they unite the sport of flying and the art of wingwalking.

The wind is an invisible dancing partner, pushing against you.  Victor Archer's photos from an air to air flight, April, 2007.
Warning: This is an expensive coffee table book made from photos taken over a 16 year period. 
This book is only for the true wingwalking enthusiast.
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Wingwalking book by Lisa Pardue about her own wingwalking experience.
This book is very afforadable and a must for the wingwalking fan.