Miller Lite 60 seconds Hands across America.
Silver Wings Wingwalking
Movies /DVD
Jackass 3D
Space Cowboys
Beautiful Dreamer
Desert Thunder
Blue Swallow (Korean)
Mountain Magic (IMAX)
The Barnstormers
Stearmans you gotta love them
Robin Berg video
Fly Boys: film test

T.V. work
The pretender
Ford Focus rally
101 ways to leave a game show.
Disney's " Shake it up."
"Wings." (P.B.S.)
Discovery channel Canada.
"Hollywood stunts" (Discovery Channel)
"In the mind of." (learning Channel)
"Road Trip" 
Ellen Degeneres Show
"Get a Job." (M.T.V.)
Fear Factor
"I'll Do Anything." ESPN
"Gana De Verde" Mexico
The Presenters, Japan.
"Freddie vs the world" U.K.

Miller Lite
Chevrolet Impala
Marriott Rewards
Toyota, International.
Toyota Lexus, U.S.A.
Micholob Lite, U.S.A.
Fugi Film
Firestone, U.S.A.
Clairol Herbal Essence, U.S.A.
Tools of North America
Barclays Bank, U.K.
Martini and Rossi, Italy
Brinkhoff Beer, Germany
Seagram Two dogs, Australia
and Japan.
Brahma Beer, Brazil
KS-II cosmetics, Japan
Japanese Beer, Japan

We are The Place for antique Stearman bi-planes, static or flying, pilots, and barnstorming stunt-wingwalkers for T.V., movie, commercial, music video, documentary, and photo work.  We get the job done right in a cost effective and safe manner.
Our bi-planes have smoke systems and FAA certified camera racks.  The planes can be watercolor painted (by your art department) to fit your look, and we can configure them with or without cowling and wheel pants.
We can give real advice on what can work for your script and find the right location for you. 
Although we have an approved FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) motion picture and television  manual and can meet all the FAA requirements, we prefer to work under an aerial/safety coordinator and their manual.  We have worked with who's who in Hollywood and can refer you and recommend the best.
Music Videos
Metallica- Mission Impossible
En Vogue
6 was 9, Germany

If you are looking for an aircraft, static or flying, other than what we offer please check out Airpower Aviation Resources.
If it flies, they can find it.
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Your one stop shop for
vintage bi-planes,  wingwalkers, and stunt  pilots.
Put mouse on photo to stop scroll and freeze frame picture.
To find out more about The Barnstormers click here.