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Silver Wings
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A Champion in Action,

Margaret Stivers' 1,000 wingwalk flight.
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We thank our fellow wingwalkers, their friends and families who have taken the time to share their  stories with us.
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Silver Wings Wingwalking  Pilot: Hartley Folstad    Wingwalker: Margaret Stivers
In the rush of wind,
be still and listen
to the hearts voice
as it soars on Silver Wings.
Photo by
Wayman Dunlap.
Riverside airshow, 2007.

Photo by Clark Cook

The art of wingwalking 

Wingwalking* is a mentally deliberate action where muscles react faster than thought. 
It is seconds of movement where each second is backed by years of practice allowing the brain to be mentally unflustered.
It is not a risk but a calculated dedication to exploring a sport in an extreme environment and through extensive actual experience discovering one’s own style and sculpting it into an art.
For the Silver Wings Wingwalking Team it is a partnership and synchronization between pilot and wingwalker.

What is wingwalking?
*As defined by Silver Wings Wingwalking Team, one of the most experienced wingwalking teams in the world.
The year of Blue Skies: Highlights from our 2008 airshows.
Margaret Stivers' Portfolio now on sale.

"Love on Silver Wings"
The story of the romance between Hartley and Margi.
Wingwalker, Margaret Stivers, celebrates 20 years of continuous wingwalking.
Nov. 1991 - Nov. 2011
2011: Lee Oman and Marion Wagner join the team and perform Act two.  Oct. 8, Marion's first wingwalking performance.
Dancing on air 
By Victor Archer
Poetry on the wing.
For more videos of Hartley Folstad and Margaret Stivers click here.
Link to Lee Oman and Marion Wagner videos coming soon.

1990: Silver Wings Flight team forms a  formation aerobatic team with four with Stearmans bi-planes. 
airshow pilots; Hartley Folstad, Mona Folstad Polson, Jimmie New, Carter Teaters, Mike Searing and John Wood.
Transit pilots: Mac McCauley, Don Moss, Robin Scott, and Margaret Stivers
1991: Silver Wings adds a wingwalker to the team.  First Dave Hansen and then Margaret Stivers.
1992: Silver Wings adds a fifth Stearman. 
1993: The team settles on a wingwalking formation aerobatic team with three Stearmans and one wingwalker.
1995/1996: Marta Bognar joins team as Second wingwalker for several shows.
2000: Formation Team aerobatic team retires and Hartley Folstad and Margaret Stivers, founding members, continue with a solo wingwalking aerobatic act.
Ron Caraway joins the team as airshow pilot.

2011: Marta Bognar  visits from Brazil.  Three Silver
Wings Wingwalkers Together.
November 16, 2011: Margaret's Stivers and Hartley Folstad celebrate the 20th anniversary of Margaret's first wingwalk.
Jenny Forsythe joins the team for two shows..
Silver Wings Wingwalking presented the art of wingwalking by showcasing innovative and pioneering stunt-work while still preserving the classic tradition of barnstorming.
Silver Wings Wingwalking Team of Hartley Folstad and Margaret Stivers 
is retired.  They thank everyone for their support over the years.  
The Silver Wings Wingwalking is retired from flying and now mentors others.
On October 13, 2018.  the planes and parts were auctioned off.